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Unlike the rest of my life, on this site, it IS all about me. Primarily, I am a Christian and an absolute lover of all things Christmas. I look like Santa, I play Santa at Christmas time, and I run a christmas website (NoGrinches.com). In addition to this, I am a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

I am also a website designer, graphic artist (flyers, logos, etc.), button maker (as seen on hidingplace.com, NoGrinches.com, and here), a video editor (I have been doing the video editing for the annual Silver Spur Awards show since 2015 as well as the 30 page program books, flyers, banners, tickets, etc) and a computer hardware technician (for over 30 years), where I troubleshoot and repair computer problems in person, over the phone, or remotely (click on this link for more information on what that entails).

I am a graphic artist for many organizations (some of which I donate to non-profits), including those listed on this site. I make business cards, flyers, banners, books, buttons, logos, CD/DVD Covers, website graphics, etc. I also do photo restorations and colorizations. More on that can be seen by clicking here.
There are discounted prices for all Senior Citizens
Yes, I will be checking your ID
I run a couple of personal websites in addition to this one
The Hiding Place and No Grinches
Here are just a few of the websites I have worked on, created, did graphic design for, html coding, online stores, photo galleries, etc...
Bounty Hunter Special The Reel Cowboys of Hollywood
Dreamsville Rick Rogers
Evans And Rogers Roy Rogers Festival
Golden Spirit Awards Silver Spur Awards
Golden Trinity Entertainment Sunland Printing
Greg Leon Invasion Suza World
Hank Garrett Total Control Home Automation
Italian Cowboy Film What is Jesus Doing
The Reel Cowboys Wings and Stings
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